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The Future of Estate Sales™


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We will do an on-site inspection to determine if an estate sale can be conducted. We will come to you, completely free of charge. 


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Thinking about downsizing? Inherited an estate you have no space for? Do you have a whole house full of items that you want to sell quickly and efficiently? Let the reliable Aether Crew™ take care of everything and schedule a consultation today! 

Learn More About How We Sell Entire Houses Full of Items

Are you looking for a good deal? Do you believe in upcycling? Thinking about buying new furniture like couches, dining room tables, or barstools? Check out our upcoming sales for the best deals in the country on the most useful stuff in the nation -- everything!

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Revolutionizing the
Estate Sale Experience®

Who We Are

Aether Estate Sales Co. is a full-service estate sale preparation company that uses technology to create modern estate sale experiences. We has years of working knowledge and hundreds of sales under our belts. With backgrounds like marketing, retail, and design, the Aether Crew is adept at promoting and excuting successful estate sales.


What we do

We turn houses into boutiques where everything is for sale. Aether provides the most efficient way to sell a house full of items.


Aether's dedication to revolutionizing the estate sale experience puts us light-years ahead of the competition.



Aether integrates technology into their estate sale experiences, fulfilling the expectations everyone has from a modern business. 


Why We Exist

The estate sale industry is unregulated, and thus slow to adapt to modern experiences. Aether was founded to be this hearld of change. Since day one, our mission has been to revolutionize the estate sale experience. By living this phrase, we've shifted both clients and shoppers perception of what an estate sale should be.

What problems we fixed along the way

From the consultation to the cleanout, you would be hard-pressed to find an aspect of the estate sale process that we haven't improved. We were the first estate sale company in the country to digitize a client's inventory and use barcodes to monitor transactions. We're still the only national franchise that uses barcodes.


Our company's purpose is to revolutionize the estate sale experience. Whether that's by improving the estate sale experience, or by finding the perfect price between selling and buying.


Our brand appeals to both the young and old with a bold and fresh brand identity. Our main colors are pink and orange, chosen to catch the eye and call attention. We are the definers of Estate Sale Science™, and utilize market research and feedback to improve and streamline our process.


Once an innovation is successfully market-tested, we implement it system-wide. This system of trial and implementation has allowed us to standardize our entire estate sale experience. From tagging every item in the house to facilitating the final transaction, Aether's systems are what keep all our sales on track.



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