Dan Micklos

Lee and his team from Aether Estate Sales Co. were very responsive from my initial call to them. We were relocating from our large Greenwood home to a smaller residence in Southern California. Lee met with my wife and identified which items we wished to sell. We wanted to sell a substantial amount of furniture, household items, tools, lawn and garden equipment, etc. Lee's team then inventoried the items to be sold and applied barcode tags to them along with pricing. They then moved everything that was not going to be sold to rooms that were off limits. I was amazed on the day of the sale. The sale was scheduled to begin at 8:00am, but there were many people lined up waiting to get into our home. The sale lasted for two days and was a tremendous success. As a comparison, when we moved into this house, we had a completely full moving van as well as a 28 ft U-Haul truck that was also full. When we moved out, we barely filled 1/3 of the moving van with just the items that we wanted to keep. The sale ended late Saturday afternoon. Someone even bought the trash can from our kitchen. You name it, somebody bought it. Lee and his team worked very hard to clear out rooms that were almost empty and consolidate to other locations. As the rooms were emptied, Lee would then vacumn the floors that were clear. After the sale was completed, I received a check for the proceeds a few days later. There were a few items that did not sell, however those were loaded up and taken to a consignment shop. Once they do sell there, Aether will send me a monthly check until everything is gone. I did not have to lift a finger from start to finish. Aether did it all. This is just what the doctor ordered and at a very fair price. I highly recommend Aether Estate Sales Co.

    Greenwood, IN

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