Randy C

Sweet and to the point .... I contacted Aether one day to be involved with the sale of items in my brother's home, who passed away suddenly. He told me what his company did, and set up a meeting with me a week later. We met and I hired him immediately. First, he was very compassionate about my loss and ensured me he will handle things from here. He indicated he will have the home set up for the sale and within 2 weeks sold EVERYTHING. He sent me by email the inventory of what he sold and the price breakout and sent a check to me within a few days. I call this execution on a promise without a single issue. He also referred me to a realtor who helped sell the home and allowed them to promote during the estate sale weekend. He didn't have to do that, but it shows how passionate he is in helping people during difficult times of losing a loved one. I would like to thank Aether again for everything they did for me and my family and would highly recommend them to anyone.

     Coatesville, IN

ClientLee ParsonComment