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Chicagoland Tag Sales

The Future of Estate Sales in Illinois


About Us

Hi, I’m Tiffany Parson, president of Aether Estate Sales! My crew and I offer fully-barcoded, on-site, whole-house estate sales and services.

If you are thinking about hosting an estate sale, and want to speak to a professional, give us a call! We offer FREE consultations, with no commitment necessary. Our experts can determine if an estate sale is the right option for you and advise you on next steps.


We conduct fully barcoded, onsite estate sales, creating a modern and temporary boutique in the home.


Complimentary Consultations

We will do an on-site inspection to determine if an estate sale can be conducted. We will come to you, completely free of charge.


Arrange a Suitable Date for the Sale

Choosing the right date to have a sale in your area could be a costly decision. We analyze events and happenings in your area to determine the perfect date for the sale.


Research Current Market Value of Items

We have a unique process when it comes to determining the value of your belongings, utilizing various research methods - all to get the maximum value out of your items.

Organize and Price All Merchandise

Each item in your home is professionally tagged with a unique barcode. We arrange the items in a way that promotes their value.


Advertise the Sale

We advertise on our own website and all of the main estate sale listing sites. We send an email blast to our loyal followers. We place custom signs in high traffic locations throughout the area surrounding the sale and place ads in local papers.


Settle the Account Within Five (5) Days

Aether’s Greater Indiana team works hard to ensure a quick payout. We will wire your total net proceeds of the sale, along with complete accounting and sales numbers, all within 5 days of the sale.



Attention to detail, immersive branding, and a tech-forward mentality has helped Aether Estate Sales™ win over clients and customers alike. Franchise with the future of estate sales and and you’ll be light years ahead of the curve.