3 Day Aether Sale: Antiques, Collectable Art + More!

OCTOBER 4/5/6, 2019

9AM - 2PM

(This Sale Has Concluded).

American Brilliant Period Cut Glass Punch Bowl, 60 pcs. Old Abbey Limoges, Haviland Limoges Set of China, Tuttle Sterling Silver Set, Sterling Silver Set, Baccarat Candelabra, Baccarat Candelabra, FIREFLIES Erte Vase, Bar Stool, Bar Stool, Corner China Cabinet, Four Drawer Desk, Wm Bruford & Son Sterling Silver Serving Set, Set of 4 Blue Canton Coffee Mugs, Set of 4 Blue Canton Coffee Mugs, Royal Crown Derby China 40pcs, 48 pcs. Vintage China Set, Royal Doulton Animal Collection "Pointer", Vintage Chinese Porcelain Bowl, Chinese Vase, Towle Flatware & Storage Chest, German Mantel Clock, Book of Etchings, Book of Etchings, French Ormolu Mounted Black Marble Style Lamp, French Ormolu Mounted Black Marble Style Lamp, Framed Oil On-Canvas, Eight Vintage Sterling Silver Butter Knifes, Twelve Vintage Sterling Silver Pickle Forks, Dinning Table with Four Chairs and Two Leaves, Ferdinand the Bull, W. Dent Ideal Novelty & Toy Co., Erte Samson & Delilah, Signed Bronze, Signed Erte Melisande and Golaud, Signed Ferjo "Third Dimension", Signed Erte Mah-Jongg, Signed Erte Enchanted Melody, Signed Guillaume Azoulay "Harvest Moon", Signed He Deguang "Rhythm of Life", Old Hickory Tannery Burgundy Leather Chair, Old Hickory Tannery Burgundy Leather Chair, Old Hickory Tannery Burgundy Leather Sofa, Drexel Heritage Demilune Commode with Faux Stone, Signed Frederic Remington Bronze "Wicked Pony", Signed Fratin Bronze "Mare & Colt", Drexel Heritage One Drawer Half Moon Console Table, Antique Tea Caddy, Royal Doulton Whisky Jug, Royal Doulton Whisky Jug, Royal Doulton Whisky Jug, Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Pitcher, Erte Signed & Numbered 6/300 "Marriage Dance", Erte Sculpture "Beloved" Signed & Stamped 286/375, Erte Sculpture "Iras" Signed & Stamped 458/500, Vintage Drexel Cane Back Dinning Arm Chair, Vintage Cast Brass Door Stop "King's Genius", Vintage Flip Top Game Table, Signed & No. 234/500 Erte Sculpture "Scheherazade", Erte Sculpture "Bamboo" Signed & Stamped 224/375, Erte Sculpture "Pease" Signed & Stamped 153/500, Erte Sculpture "The Three Graces" Signed & No. 97/375, Erte Sculpture "Alphabet Lady" Signed & No. 334/375, Signed & No. 234/500 Erte "Les Bijoux De Perles", Signed Ferjo Rare Oil on Canvas "Mastus and Red Chair", French Style Blue with Gold Lamp, French Style Blue with Gold Lamp, Victorian Lamp, oriental vase, French Mantel Clock "Cherub Driving Chariot", Selden Bybee Green Pottery Vase, Selden Bybee Green Pottery Vase, Royal Doulton Vase, Gold Wing Back Chair, Oriental Umbrella Stand, Blue & White Umbrella Stand, Cowen One Drawer Leather Top Drop Leaf Side Table, Cowen One Drawer Leather Top Drop Leaf Side Table, Chippendale Style Mirror, Blue Dog George Rodrique, "Butterflies are Free", Majolica Dragon Candle Holders, Meissen Lady Figure with Instrument, LeRoy Neiman "Family Portrait", LeRoy Neiman "Lions", Erte Opium Signed & No. 265/300, Meissen Indian on Alligator holding Cornucopia, Complete Christmas Card Art by Eyvind Earle, Selden Bybee Triple Handle Vase, Hand Carved Warriors & Horses Gold Gilded, Hand Carved Warriors & Horses Gold Gilded, Hand Carved Warriors & Horses Gold Gilded, Set of 3 Oriental Pictures, Bronze Greek God Hermes, Schoenhut Lion, Schoenhut Elephant, Schoenhut Giraffe, Schoenhut Poodle, Southwood 3 Cushion Skirted Sofa, Southwood Leather Wingback Chair, Southwood Ottoman, Southwood Leather Chair, Wm Glasner Signed Vase, Vera Cruz Pottery Smiling Head, Royal Doulton "The Moor", signed Kuniyoshi "Carnival", John Nieto Signed "Coyote Portrait Suite", Robin Morris signed "Waiting for the Boys", Canton Dragon Vase, Opera Marionette, Opera Marionette, Opera Marionette, Royal Doulton "English Setter with Pheasant", Glass Top Coffee Table, Queen Anne Style Drop Leaf Table, Queen Anne Rectangle Drop Leaf Table, Chinese Chippendale Style Table, Ball & Claw Table, Queen Anne Style Accent Table, Signed Azoulay Guillaume "Le Vol Des Grues ", Victorian Oak Ball & Stick Easel, Table Lamp, Prince of Wales Table Lamp, Oriental Table Lamp with Gold Accent, Lusterweibchen Chandelier, Queen Anne Style Flip Top Table, Lighten Bookshelf, Lighted Bookshelf, Staffordshire Figurine "The Lion Slayer", Staffordshire Figurine Hunter with Dog and Spear, Staffordshire Figurine, Chippendale Style Mirror, Chippendale Style Mirror, Schoenhut horse, Schoenhut Bear, Schoenhut Cow, Southwood Two Cushion Sofa, Wall Mirror, Sunol Alvar Signed "Violin Player", Vintage Inkwell, Erte Signed "Three Faces", Erte Signed "Broadways in Fashion", Erte Signed "The Dancer", Erte Signed "Evening Night", Erte "Florida", Erte "Aquarius", Erte "Morning Day", Erte "Spider Web", Erte "Ondee", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "The Clown", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "Punch & Judy Man", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "General Eisenhower", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "General Eisenhower", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "The Cook & The Cheshire Cat" , Royal Doulton Toby Mug "General Gordon", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "general Gordon", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "Ronald Reagan", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "Abraham Lincoln", Royal Doulton Toby Mug Battle of Little Big Horn, Victorian Crazy Quilt, Victorian Crazy Quilt, Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, Royal Doulton Christopher Columbus Figurine, Royal Doulton Toby Mug"King Henry Vlll", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "The Ring Master", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "Ugly Duchess", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "The Snake Charmer", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "The Snake Charmer", Royal Doulton Toby Mug "William Shakespeare", Samurai Warrior on Horse, Judy Garland Autographed Book, Erte' "La Jalousie", Chippendale Red Cushioned Chair, Chippendale Style Floral Cushioned Chair, "Le Thermogene" Vintage Poster, Drexel Heritage Nightstand, Drexel Heritage Nightstand, Erte' "Duetto" 415/500, Erte' "Plum Blossom", Erte' "Bamboo", Erte' "Capricorn", Erte' "Les Bijoux de Perle", Erte' "Mary Garden", Erte' "Dream Voyage", Chippendale New York Style Gaming Table, Antique Philadelphia Style Gaming Table, New York Style Gaming Table W/ Drawer, Rectangular Flip Top Table, Antique Mahogany Lamp Table, Antique Round Lamp Table,


DO YOU HAVE MOVING SERVICE AVAILABLE? Unfortunately, we do not offer moving services. Please plan all purchases accordingly.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover at all estate sales. There are no surcharges or swipe fees. Sorry, no checks. We also accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet. 

Like most estate sales, all sales are final - so be sure you really love an item before you purchase it!


Please confine parking to one side of the road. This will prevent accidents and will allow others in the neighborhood to pass through.

We cannot stress this enough and would hate to see you get towed!

There is limited space to make piles. Scope out a holding spot near the checkout, if you can find one, to hold your purchases.


An estate sale is how people sell an entire home's worth of items. Every item in the home is evaluated for its fair market value as a used item, and tagged with a price. The doors of the home are then open to the general public, who can purchase any item with a tag. The Aether Estate Sale Standard dictates that every item be tagged with its own unique barcode for better accounting and a modern shopping experience.

Please note we utilize a traditional paper sign in sheet at the front door of the home. You can sign in 1 HOUR before the sale starts on ALL days of the sale. 


  • All sales are final

  • Enter the home at your own risk

  • Aether is not responsible for accidents

  • Be kind and courteous to other shoppers

  • If you bring children, please keep an eye on them

  • Have fun!

We do not offer previews or pre-sales.
By leveling the playing field, we have
built a large following of shoppers
who know that they will always have
an equal chance to purchase the most
sought after items in each sale.