How to Plan Your First Estate Sale Visit

Is it your first time at an Aether Estate Sale? It can be a thrilling — albeit overwhelming — experience, but don’t worry! Follow these tips and you’ll be shopping like a pro in no time!

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Tip 1. Study the photos.

You can learn a lot about the house from the photos Aether shares online. Check them out and you will know where specific items are located in the house. Knowing the layout will give you the upper hand on claiming the items you want before other shoppers can get to them.

Tip 2. Map that address.

Use online map services to find the best routes to the house and to plan your parking. Satellite and street views will show you how the house looks and teach you more about the property.

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Tip 3. Arrive Early.

Start or join the line when Aether puts out their sign—in sheets, typically two hours before the sale starts on Day One and one hour every day after. You can leave and get breakfast or coffee instead of waiting in line at the front door.

Tip 4. Show Up on Time.

Doors will open at their advertised time, and anyone on the list who doesn’t answer when called will lose their place in line.

Tip 5. It’s first—come, first—served.

Claim the items you want by physically picking them up. Do not remove price tags. Large items have special price cards for you to take to checkout.


Follow these easy tips and your first estate sale experience will be a great once. To see sales happening soon, visit our upcoming sales.